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• Square root
The square root of a non-negative number {\displaystyle is that (uniquely determined) non-negative number whose square is equal to the given number symbol for the square root is the root sign The square root o... Read more
• Parallel postulate
The parallel axiom is a much discussed axiom of Euclidean geometry. In a frequently used formulation dating back to John Playfair, it states: "In a plane α for every straight line and every point outside exa... Read more
• Bernoulli's principle
Bernoulli's equation, also known as Bernoulli's law or (ambiguously) Bernoulli's theorem, is a statement about flows according to Bernoulli and Venturi. The theory about these essentially one-dimensional flows... Read more
• Compromise of 1850
The Compromise of 1850 consisted of several laws intended to mitigate the contrast between the slaveholding Southern states and the slave-free Northern states of the USA, which had been exacerbated by the mass... Read more
• Inverse function
In mathematics, the inverse function of a bijective function is the function that assigns to each element of the target set its uniquely determined original element. function assigns to each uniquely determine... Read more
• Interval arithmetic
In mathematics, interval arithmetic refers to a methodology for automated error estimation based on closed intervals. Real quantities that are not exactly known are considered, but can be delimited by two numb... Read more
• System of linear equations
In linear algebra, a system of linear equations (LGS for short) is a set of linear equations with one or more unknowns that are all supposed to be satisfied simultaneously. For example, a corresponding system ... Read more
• Injective function
This article is about injective mappings. For injective moduli and other injective objects, see Injective object. Injectivity or link uniqueness is a property of a mathematical relation, i.e. in particu... Read more
• Torque
Torque (also moment or moment of force, from the Latin momentum motive force) is a physical quantity in classical mechanics that describes the rotational effect of a force, a pair of forces or other system of ... Read more
• 2016 Spanish general election
← 2015Spanish Parliamentary Elections 2016Apr. 2019 → Final result (turnout 66.48 %)  % 40 30 20 10 0 33,01 22,63 21,15 13,06 2,66 2,01 1,19 1,19 0,77 2,33 PP PSOE UP Cs ERC CDC... Read more - 2020 / 2021 - License CC3